The Red Dot Roll

In an art gallery, a red dot placed on the wall by a painting means the painting has found a collector. This gallery features a selection of recently sold paintings now residing in private or corporate collections.

Two's Company, Three's A Cloud
Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
Faith, Hope & Cherry Tea
Split & Polish
Blowing Kisses
Pepper In The Pocket
True Blue
Just The Two Of Us
Sakura In Silver
A Complicated Love
Mandarins At High Noon
Soak 'Em If You've Got 'Em
The Marriage Of Fig-A-Row
Tea By The Window
A Fine Repast
Three Scoops!
A Little Bad Luck
Sepearation Anxiety
The Need For Seed
Tart Queue
Family Portrait
Bag O' Boscs
Plum With Aplomb
Half Time Show
This is Knot 'n Urn
See Shell
Tea Rex
Tail End
Think Pink
Bosc'ing In The Glow
Cracked & Stacked
Nightshade In Daylight
Figs & Fabric
The Intrepid Eggsplorer
Shell Game
Perfectly Zen